What? The “publish and forget” method isn’t working? Shocker! Just “getting it out there” isn’t enough anymore folks…

Read carefully because in this article we’re going to tell you the absolute and unfiltered truth about fitness content marketing. No nonsense. No agenda. No holds barred. Cool? If you’re investing in a great fitness writers and fitness content creators and you make sure to deliver fabulous content to your audience…but, you aren’t seeing much engagement and the cash-cracks are appearing…

Increase your activity level!

Epic content that lies dormant isn’t going to help you get noticed, or expose the right people to what you’ve got to show and tell. It’s not about just hitting the like button and sharing your article and leaving it at that. Creating and publishing the content is, sadly, a relatively small part of successful campaigns.

So, You Just Published some Rock Star Fitness Content…

Okay great! Now consider these three options:

  • SMM: Immediately go out and leave comments or join the discussion about similar topics on related social media sites. Make really honest, genuine and valuable comments that really add to the conversation. Add value.
  • Video: Head on over to YouTube or any other video marketing platform and make comments, subscribe to relevant channels, lavish people with your honest attention and get involved! Don’t just say it’s an awesome video, explain why. Look for questions to answer and concerns to address. And yes, take the time to write out a thorough and lengthy (valuable) response.
  • Blogosphere: Look for other bloggers and other websites that recently (within the last 3 days) published similar content on a similar subject and jump into the conversation! Engage. What did you like or dislike about the article and why? Keep it professional, tactful and savvy but keep it real as well.
  • Props: Find other fitness professionals, fitness-based startups, fitness initiatives and websites that you can give props to! They’ll appreciate it and what will they find when they head to your site to see who you are and what if anything you may have to offer them/their audience?

This is literally the most important part of any fitness content marketing campaign! Seriously! Ugh! The good news is that somewhere in the neighborhood of 80% of your competition forgets this step. But web culture is catching on, so you’ve got no time to waste.

Critical Adjustment: Right, so take at least 10-25% of your content marketing budget and allocate it to a fitness-based digital worker or service that can get out there and get active and send folks your way. Simply adjust your content accordingly; remember, it’s quality (value) over quantity (fluff & fodder) x 1000!

Inbound Fitness Marketing

You’re not spamming. You’re not out there trying to force people to check out your website…don’t even mention it. Just focus on adding value. Each and every time you do this, make no mistake, what digitally goes around digitally comes around.

Finally, picture in your mind someone reading a comment you left under a relevant article. They agree/disagree and become temporarily interested in you and click…click…click to your website or hub. What do they find when they get there? See the magic? This is the essence of organic inbound traffic. Thanks for reading!