Here is a straightforward way for you to understand the genius behind outsourcing your fitness copy demands to professional writers from within the industry itself. Especially if you’re just staring out.

Reason #1: To Buy Content is an Investment NOT an Expenditure

In the past, traditional business deemed marketing a costly nuisance.

These days marketing is a part of your entire business structure. From the messages and branding you send ideal prospects to visual content and written sales copy that keeps them engaged.

It’s impossible to maintain lucrative levels of web presence without content that informs readers while also providing a clear course of action they should take. Fitness content needs to not only provide the answers and solutions people are searching for, but present easy steps that lead them into your sales funnels.

When you buy content from an authoritative source it runs the business and returns your investment naturally. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about basic fitness blogs and web articles for traffic generation, information products, training modules, ebooks or advertorial copy…

Reason #2: Quality Health and Fitness Articles Mean Higher Conversion Rates!

While modern technology and the internet at large are still new and emerging, there’s no mystery behind why quality fitness articles lead to higher conversion rates. You can do the research yourself and find endless pages of evidence.

This truth reaches into every subgenre within the umbrella niche of fitness: Nutrition. Alternative Medicine, Exercise Science, Dieting, Products, Equipment etc. Roughly 80% of the time articles written by professionals (who themselves have strong backgrounds in fitness) perform far better than those written by the business owners.

Furthermore, oftentimes its best for business owners to separate their personal website from their company website. It’s fine to go off and be yourself in the “About Us” section, but not in the actual meat and bones of the hub.

  • Get away from crappy copy syndrome! If it’s not useful to the people reading it, or to the people who you want in your sales funnel, then it’s pointless.
  • Just because it’s useful doesn’t mean your audience is going to find it interesting.
  • After someone reads a quality health and fitness article they feel as though they’ve been rewarded for doing so. This is known as, “The Cookie Factor.”

Reason #3: All Successful Online Fitness Companies Purchase Articles

What’s the big deal? There’s no shadowy conspiracy or shady tactics going on. Businesses have been buying content in one form or another since the birth of advertising. The information age is no exception. is contacted a fair amount by new online fitness entrepreneurs that are designing a site/concept and looking for some consultation on content. Here are the basics to shoot for if you’re interested in a solid foundation for your customers:

  • Expert Static Text: This is the stuff that you present to your readers on static pages. It’s the elevator pitches of your site. It’s the stuff that tells readers what you’re about and what to expect.
  • 25-50 Fitness Articles & Blogs. This is enough content on hand to get you going. Ideally it will have all the SEO you need layered naturally and organically throughout it.
  • Visual Media: Typically one unique photograph per blog for sharing, exposure and social media. Videos are incredibly helpful as well if they are authoritative and have decent production value. Never underestimate the investment in one or two quality videos for a website.
  • Direct-Response Landing Pages: A well written landing page for websites is incredibly valuable over the lifetime of that site. That’s why they are, and should be, more costly to get than basic blogs and articles. 
  • Information Products: A good example here would be a free PDF ebook that is used as a reward for visiting, joining, opting-in or following. These should be completely informative and educational without any sales-speak whatsoever. Though at the end there should be some direct-response copy that leads them to other locations within your sales funnel: product pages, landing pages, web articles & blogs on your site etc.
  • Auto-Response Copy: Emails are astoundingly intimate to people and these days trying to wing it in this arena can be disastrous…

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