Man, there’s something pretty spooky going on.

Some sort of digital-telepathy “spirit in the machine” type shenanigans…

Now, I’m 34 (hopelessly millennial according to the ‘How Millennial Are You?’ Quiz from Pew), so I was in my late teens when we first dialed into the World Wide Web where America Online and Yahoo chat rooms were born…dear lord (*cringe*).

How Millennial Are You Quiz Results

I was also there when PC chat windows connected global trolls in games like Counterstrike or World of Warcraft… /palm…Live Journal madness, forums…the whole 9 yards!

Point is, we all recognize you can tell A BRICK-TON about a person through reading the words they type into the virtual realm…in real time or after the fact. Think about it, you can almost FEEL me and hear me rattling around in your noggin right now…

Hi. /wave…

And yes, you’re right, I’m a white dude. And yes, people can definitely deceive.

But, you can tell I’m honest to a fault and I’ve been writing for many moons. Right?

You’re a sharp one. See, how did I know that?!

It feels like we’re sitting next to each other at a bus stop having one of those ultra-informal conversations about some random topic that just so happens to be on your mind. In this case, I’m assuming it revolves around reaching and connecting with more human beings through the “content” you publish on your website.

Okay, maybe not a bus stop. Actually, let’s think about our interaction more in terms of you’ve just scaled a long, steep, winding, and mystical Kung-Fu-style staircase in the Himalayas where I’m perched like a lotus flower humming Deftones. Cool? Go take a drink from the fountain over there and let’s begin your lessons for today.

Long Staircase Himalayan

Here’s your first lesson and it’s the most important one…

Secret #1: Everything Has A Voice

What’s yours sound like? Huh? When people interact with your brand, like as if they were in a one-on-one chat session in a little chat window with it, what’re they intuitively discerning? You don’t need me to tell you that:

a) there’s endless amounts of garbage online…


b) that it sucks to pay top dollar for fitness writers, freelance writers, digital workers, and mega-bombtastic online companies like Fitness Writers Inc. to write your stuff for you.

This leads me to your next lesson.

Secret #2: Stop Being an Idioto!

Again, 110% perfectly Frank Sinatra with you here folks. I’ve been paid to write thousands and thousands of health and fitness articles for hundreds of people over the last handful of years.

I’ve seen first-hand from countless angles that you get what you pay for…sigh. We all know this. Yet there’s this stigma from a bygone conventional era that tells you “content” should be cheap because it’s on the internet vs. a magazine or TV commercial. Well, horrid content gets horrid results.

By the time you’re done reading this people around the world will have spent untold amounts of capital on complete and utter garbage in the hopes of gaining more traffic, better conversion rates, higher revenue, etc. Or in other words, human connectivity.

The idea that seriously kick ass media, or content isn’t worth top dollar is profoundly absurd on so many levels.

Our basic health and fitness articles are awesome, and go for $25-$35 a pop. But, we’re capable of creating $500 blogs, or even $1000 blog articles in terms of production costs and value-engineering when you start throwing in things like info-graphics, custom photography/digital art, videos, hardcore sales copywriting, etc.


Secret #3: Think Ahead

ZOMG! The top story on Drudge right now links to a BetaBeat article announcing this paradigm shift:


Screenshot of a BetaBeat Article

From my chair here I’ve literally watched web culture evolve on a daily basis and been paid to create content for it as we go along. The difference between content FWI writes for clients today vs. what the norm was just 3 years ago is astounding.

Have you stopped to think how “The Singularity” is going to influence ecommerce and search engine technology? Or, how about internet marketing?

Hi again.

Did that jar you a little bit? Yeah, I know, it’s spooky. I told you!

As “the machine” gets to know your customers and your audience on an intimate level through their cars, smartphones, web habits, consumer spending, social media updates and on and on…the results they’ll be shown in  search queries is going to be rather interesting indeed.

It’s going to force a COMPLETELY new industry to develop in terms of the digital marketplace where humans will be working and spending too much of their time…

When you outsource and pay (a human being I hope) to create your fitness and health articles, or any web content in general for audience building and marketing purposes, have an eye on the future where HUMAN-AUTHENTICITY will become a rare and high priced commodity.

Conclusion: I Forgot

Oh yeah! So those are the 3 secrets to making your health and fitness articles have a chance at serious virility. Crap, I should have made it 4 secrets, but whatever, no one likes the number 4.

The last thing is this: you can’t just publish righteous content and expect something to happen. If you have an audience, great. That’s one thing. But, if you’re in build-mode and haven’t got enough monthly traffic to fill of tea cup…you have to either go out there and market it yourself or pay someone else to do it for you.

Thanks for reading, now let me get back to my deep meditation on the implications of artificial intelligence determining the winners and losers of the content marketing industry.