You’ve got a fabulous website and now you’re scrambling, outsourcing fitness copy that’ll juice it up…

…speak your language, get the sales coming in and the activity rolling…and, and… Here are some tips straight from an authoritative source, specifically written just for you.

Step #1) Decide NOT to Drown Yourself in Fitness Copy

FWI is run by a career fitness copywriter (me) and an international bestselling fitness author (James) with one of the most successful book franchises in the industry. James and I have…ummm… “extensive experience”…shall we say… in building fitness-based sites/platforms and providing them with niche and engaging copy that actually moves.

We’ve been through our share of outsourcing horror stories dealing with mega-hubs and know it can be a real pain in the glutes!

We’re going to get into that, but right now in this moment… just relax. That’s your first step. Just take a big deep breath through your nose, puff that chest out, square your shoulders back and then let it out at a 5-count. We’ve both drown in outsourcing fitness copy before and lost ourselves in the outsourcing jungle…and it sucks. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Calm down. There’s plenty of time and it’s everything’ll get sorted.

Quality copy, good copy, doesn’t just do all that other shit you want it to do, it also makes your life easier. And that translates into everything and every interaction you have with every aspect of your business. See the power in that? Want to see what we mean? Cool, order a Trial Article. Either way, along with breathing normally we want you to…

Step #2) Decide to Stop Suffering Right NOW!

Oftentimes new fitness, health, exercise and nutrition website owners can’t wait to take advantage of the digital worker revolution. They think it’s cheap and they’ll hop in and create an agency on a popular online hiring hub, post a job and just like that -  problems solved…If that happens to you, you should go buy a lotto ticket and bet on horses or something.

Outsourcing Can Become a Costly Time-Sink!

  • Most find themselves having to rummage through 50-100+ responses from writers per job posting, many of which are newbies from third world countries (no offense).
  • Or, on the flip-side they invest 30-60 hours (or pay a recruiter) searching through thousands of contractors trying to find the “chosen ones.”
  • Then deal with these independent contractors and their schedules, etc.
  • Oh boy, so now you’re paying 4 people differing amounts from different time zones, and…
  • Tons of “poser” fitness writers and copywriters talk a big game but don’t deliver.
  • Dealing with financial drama with hourly contracts, fixed-rate contracts, milestone payments, upfront demands, etc.

And on and on it goes. Is the emerging online workforce a miracle? Yes. Is it the coolest thing to happen to the global workforce since the workbook? Yes. But there’s a fair amount of downsides because we’re only in the beginning stages of the paradigm shift.

It can take a fair amount of trial and error (and money) to find even one really top-notch and reliable fitness copywriter when your wading through tens of thousands of them. Speaking of which, that’s basically why James and I created FWI.

Step #3) Consider Our Model

Instead of having to hire 10 different people on two platforms to write ten different things…go with FWI. If it’s fitness copy, we can handle it.

  • No more hassling with tons of different job postings, contracts and cheap fitness writers.
  • No more wasting time with the interview process on a constant basis as the talent come and goes.
  • No more wasting money paying people for trial articles over and over again which only occasionally provides valuable content for your audience.

Other than these huge hubs that make you sign up, create agencies and accounts, sync up with your social media networks and the whole nine yards…you can give FWI a try. So let’s summarize shall we? First, relax and don’t put yourself in an early grave trying to keep up with all the hype in fitness content marketing. Second, if you’re being put through the ringer dealing with the vast digital hiring marketplaces, stop it! Finally, give our style of outsourcing fitness copy a try!