Hire a fitness blogger with a handle on modern SEO and internet marketing trends because it’s the wisest choice.

It means higher ROI for you, steady platform expansion, quality content for your audience and competitive ranking in the search engines!

Won’t it be nice when you no longer have to worry about the writing? When you’ve found a quality copywriter and fitness blogger that’s familiar with your particular area within the niche. And, who speaks with that conversational voice your audience responds to. No longer will you be forced to juggle freelance writers with varying degrees of skill and response times.

#1: They Know How Long Your Fitness Blogs Should Be

Fitness Blog Word Count SEOThis is one of the first issues online startups deal with when they consider what it takes to build a successful blogging platform. Content marketing is evolving in this information age. As the owner of a fitness blog, quality demands placed on your web property are steadily increasing.

These days, in order to rank higher your website must present readers and search engines with well-written, rich, responsive and incredibly informative content. Keep this in mind when you budget to hire a fitness blogger. Results can come quicker when you pay premium prices for longer  web articles.

  • Length: The typical 350-500 word articles don’t perform as rapidly anymore. Today, to really be taken seriously by Google you should reach 1500-2500 for your fitness blogs and web articles.
  • Authority: Look at the graph we included. If you do a serious search for relevant information to your fitness blog, Google is likely to provide results like you’ll see there. More rich content means more “perceived authority” ranking signals.
  • Conversion: While we can’t say that length is directly correlated to conversion rates, studies do show the longer and denser blog posts, if there are clear CTA (calls to action) in place, convert better and generate more traffic.

#2: The Longer Posts They Write Generate More Backlinks

Yes! Organic and authentic backlinks have never been more important for anyone trying to establish a wellness brand, sell health products, offer training services or grow a fitness platform online. They tend to be one of the more dominant online “authority signals” that earn you higher PR (Page Rank).

  • Viral: Studies show that we’re far more willing to link to really high quality and in-depth blogs than the average “Abs & Weight Loss” fitness fluff copy.
  • Hard Facts: The experts have compiled stuff like this SerpIQ Data from 2012 to reinforce the fact that there’s A DIRECT correlation between backlinks and higher word counts.
  • Expansion: School’s out and the grades are in folks. Data shows that fitness web pages with 2000+ words of rich content get more organic backlinks and therefore perform better overall.

#3: They Understand What Words Your Audience Searches With

generating-ripples-fitness-website-backlinksRecently Google unveiled their Hummingbird algorithm and to make a long story short, it’s a completely new search engine folks. Like replacing a gas guzzling sedan from the 90’s with a solar electric powered Sedan from Tesla Motors.

The big focus was on longer and more complex search queries, along with conversational queries spoken into mobile devices like smartphones. People are becoming better searchers.

  • Instead of typing “lose weight now” into the search bar, it’s probably something like, “How do I lose 25 pounds in two months?
  • Instead of saying “best ab workout” into their mobile phone, it’s likely, “What’s the best way to get abs without having to do crunches?
  • Titles are important, and while keyword stuffing isn’t advised, you can be far more creative these days.

And, the new algorithm is way smarter which means it can infer meaning and put together concepts more like you and I would. Some studies from big name bloggers show that 8-word search queries are up 34,000%!

When you hire a fitness blogger that knows all this stuff, wow, it sure makes things much smoother! Do you really want to have to keep up on all this? For a fair amount of fitness-based business owners, that’s simply not the case.

#4: They Will Optimize Your Fitness Blogs for Social Media Networks

While on the surface it may seem like the social media sphere is full of scatterbrain folks with no attention span whatsoever, data shows they actually share and like longer content as well. The more informative and engaging, obviously the more people like it.

You can’t expect to cover up bad copy with flashy web design or tons of sexy photos of muscle-bound men and women. The pictures may go viral, but your actual content and the authority you’re trying to convey won’t.

  • Advertorial: For people who aren’t trained in the arts of modern fitness copywriting, it can be hard to speak the language their users depend on. Both in the real and virtual worlds. It’s conversational, casual and yet as a business you need to remain advertorial.
  • Inbound: Modern marketing principles dictate that you must lavish and shower your ideal readers with the information they crave, and only then consider trying to sell them a relevant product or service.

#5: A Fitness Blogger Can Help You With Promotion

Fitness Blogger Helps with PromotionMaybe you’re not the best salesmen, or sales-driven copywriter. Maybe you’re fabulous when it comes to building a fitness-based dropshipping company, but not so hot when it comes to promoting your products through blogging.

The good news is that trained fitness bloggers know how to write the copy that gets relevant folks excited and making choices.

Promotion needs to come across in such a way that it doesn’t sound like a pitch. At the end of the day people want sales pitches that don’t look, sound or read like them. They know they’re online to spend money, but they want to feel a personal connection rather than being sold.

#6: They Make Managing Your Reputation Easier

One of the biggest mistakes new fitness brand owners make it jumping online and publishing tons of content that down the road will end up biting them in the ass. The last thing your website needs is bad reviews online, or negative comments or internet trolls hacking your content to bits.

Professional fitness writers understand how to be engaging and compelling without being too controversial or over-stepping bounds into the inappropriate. With every blog you publish you need to have an eye on the future, regardless of how the modern era makes things seem insignificant in record time.

#7: They Foresee the SEO of Tomorrow

Speaking of which, the most valuable fitness bloggers are the ones who understand modern internet marketing and SEO so well, and they stay so updated on new changes or updates that they can craft copy that will be safe and ideal down the road.

We’ve been writing fitness content and watched things evolve over the last 5 years or so, and for us there’s no real mystery in where things are headed. But, that’s a post for another time.