You’re determined to help solve health problems, provide the marketplace with cleaner solutions, inform people about serious fitness related issues, provide exercise and diet answers or be a source of reasonable weight loss methods….that about sum it up you insanely ambitious entrepreneur you?

Fabulous! In that case, here’s the three main issues you’re likely facing right freaking now:

1) Standing Out in the Fitness Niche is a Real Pain in the Ass.

2) Getting and Keeping Traffic is Demanding as All Hell.

3) Contemporary Internet Marketing Gets More Complex Every Day!

Your audience is starving for engagement. You know that much. But, you’re not all that confident with your own copywriting skills. Maybe hiring a copywriter’s a good idea, but what does that entail? What are the benefits? Should you pay premium prices for web copy or is cheap and dirty a viable option?

Stack of Fitness ArticlesThings to Consider Before You Buy Fitness Articles

Let’s talk about three things that’ll help you craft reasonable expectations and put things in perspective.

  • Efficient: Impressive Web-Ready Fitness Copy in Days

Whether you need 1, 5, or 500 blogs, articles, or snippets of fitness your time is money. You don’t want to spend long hours composing, editing, formatting and ironing out high-end copywriting. Maybe you were the type of kid in school who looked at a blank piece of paper and essentially shit your pants… Why, just the thought of writing hundreds of thousands of words makes you head towards the crapper!

  • Voice: Health and Wellness Copy That Speaks the Language of Your Ideal Audience

Humans and search engine crawlers are drawn to attractive and engaging content that reads conversationally, yet authoritatively. They long for content that informs them without being boring, sales-driven or sloppy. It’s about being entertained while you learn. Your audience craves personal connection and personality while they digest the facts! The best fitness copywriting services provide you with tailored niche articles that speak with a casual and engaging voice.

  • Effective: You Get the Results Your Content Deserves

If you buy high quality and professionally written articles on fitness, you can expect fabulous ROI. On the other hand, if you buy shoddy, spun, and low quality fluff you can expect less exciting results. Again, as time passes, our information age progresses, and web culture matures the “quality bar” is consistently being raised. What kind of copy does the best platform in your niche have on their websites, social media networks and blogs?

Buy Fitness Articles FWIROI: Buy Fitness Articles with High Returns!

If you’re wondering what the return on investment is when you buy fitness articles, all you need to do is ask any super-successful online health and wellness-based brand.

Because here’s the deal, if you don’t write it yourself there’s really no such thing as free copy.

Or, you could approach any number of the small health or exercise businesses and platforms who’ve been steadily dripping quality fitness articles for the last 8 months to a year. At some point, 90% of the fitness brands online reach a point where they have no other option but to outsource copywriting. Guest blogging is great, but even that’s going the way of the birds thanks to Google algorithm updates that frowned upon it.

ROI Example: An 1800 Word Fitness Article

Believe it or not,  here at the end of 2014 the ideal piece of web-copy is around 1200-1800 words. It’s already at that point folks. Maybe not among the rabble and masses, but when you look at the highest performing websites, this is becoming the norm. What’s the ROI you can expect from a top notch 1800 word article?

We’ll assume the website it’s being published on is brand spanking new.

  • Traffic Generation: Don’t expect to see digital tsunamis of traffic right away, but steady performance over the next six months isn’t unreasonable. With quality information and formatting (user-experience) along with an image or perhaps a video this article is going to be viewed as highly authoritative by Google. Over time this will only increase because of the reasons below.
  • Social Engagement: Current data shows that longer more informative and well-written articles get increased levels of social engagement. People are more likely to leave comments, share it with their friends and engage in conversation….IF the writing is solid of course.
  • Backlinks: Again, the better and more involved the article, the more backlinks (over time) it’s going to receive. Does this surprise anyone? Moving forward nothing could be more important than organic backlinks. To compete, you need competitive content.
  • Lead Generation: In due course, the more traffic the article earns, the more potential leads it will bring in. Every one of your articles can be a part of your sales funnel. Publishing search engine fodder is no longer advised. Only publish your best. Seriously. Make each freaking blog post (chunk of marketing media) a quasi work of passionate art!
  • Social Media Movement: Regardless of the niche (within reason) the articles that get the most play on social media networks are the ones that speak with a certain voice, speak directly to the audience and provide tons of useful, applicable, and relevant fitness information!

FWI cannot stress this enough: over the next year expect to see the “web content quality bar” raised up another 20%. Longer, richer articles will be the new norm. Look at the diversity of production methods and platforms now! It’s insane. Buy fitness articles with with the quality it takes to stand apart.

Tips For Working with Fitness Copywriting Services

Whether you choose the easy route and go with FWI or prefer one of the major freelancing platforms like oDesk or Elance, after you’ve chosen a source of fitness-based copywriting, here are 3 tips to help your working relationship go smoothly on both ends.

First, provide specific instructions. The more information you give to a copywriter, the quicker you get your copy. Sure, they’ll build upon on whatever (or lack thereof) direction you give them, but it’s better to be prudent.

  • What is the point of the article?
  • What EXACTLY would you like your readers to do after they devour the article?
  • What’s the specific call to action?
  • Who is the ideal audience?

Second, have a few example articles ready. They’ll do it for you, but you can save your copywriter tons of time if you just find 3-5 of the most popular, or high-performing relevant articles. Provide them with links. If you go with an independent contractor, you MUST state that you expect the articles to be 100% original human-written (no spinning programs) content.

Third, remember it’s for your audience. Not for you, unless you are your own ideal reader or client, which you’re not. Let the copywriters do their job and if you’ve decided to invest in it, then trust them. If you choose specific fitness copywriting services they’ll know the tone your audience is after.

We here at FWI hope this article helps you make the right decision when you decide whether or not to buy fitness articles or not. Thanks for reading!