Sheesh, it’s so friggin easy to lose sight of who your audience REALLY is. Good lord! The web just turned 25, passed 1 billion websites and counting, and the hype’s 10 miles thick.

Oh, I’m sorry, you’re finding it difficult to make a connection with human beings through the machine? No shit!

Time and time again, small-fit-biz owners and health-based startups set off so organically, genuinely up close and personal, surrounded in gym rats, fitness nerds, foodie fanatics and nutrition junkies…oh my….

Then, before you know it they’re swamped in crude numbers and algorithmic nonsense sitting behind a desk, talking endlessly on Skype, and lost in a sea of search engine marketing time-sinks. It becomes sell, sell, sell, conversions, bounce rates, and PPC campaigns drowning in Photoshopped abs, freakishly polished “humans” and muscle-bound pretty boys.

Copy goes to hell in a hoopty…

When many clients first approach FWI for fitness copywriting, here’s a smidgen of the crap they give us, really under the impression that it’s supposed to mean something and slip us into the shoes of their audience:

Example Ideal Customer Information

  • Demo: Mostly middle-class guys who work out at least 3 days a week.
  • Gender: 78% male, 22% female.
  • Conditioning: Intermediate
  • Age: 66% in the 25-40 age bracket.

Blah blah blah…

Sometimes they’ll go a bit deeper and try to get into more imaginative pain-points, specific needs, lifestyle habits, etc. Right, so I’m middle-class, 34 years old, in pretty good physical condition, work out tons, but do you think they could sell me their bullshit on my worst day? Hell no. They have no clue who I am.

Like you, I laugh at petty copy. My mind glazes right over the hype. We shrug off the fodder with ease because we’ve heard it all before. Pop-psychology tells us that modern web culture has essentially switched-off to outbound marketing. WE HATE COMMERCIALS…pop-ups…crummy unwanted Google ads, auto-play videos that crash our browsers and blow our speakers…!

What we respond to is a mixture of two things: Lizard brain instincts or desires, and authenticity.

Authenticity: Your Most Powerful Weapon

When you buy fitness copy that’s authentic, your audience will respond.

I want you to really put the mental pedal to the floorboards here and think about how rare it is to find and experience something online (or in real life for that matter) that’s truly AUTHENTIC.

  • When was the last time you read a fitness blog, or devoured a chunk of health and wellness clutter that you felt understood you?
  • When was the last time you felt truly listened to?
  • Did you know that when we feel listened to it’s nearly identical to the experience of love?

Authenticity is like an ultra-rare gem more scarce than gold in the inner-city. Most everything your audience comes across in the fitness niche is either repetitive, selling something, pushing something, asking for something in a roundabout way, trying to persuade, dazzle and enchant them into forking over their inheritance, time, essence, mental stamina, soul-energy, etc. Get it?

I mean shit, most “web avatars” are stretched pretty thin as is with a handful of social media sites to manage, a blog, Podcasts they’re following, newsletters, timelines, news sites…need I say more? Furthermore, for perspective’s sake…

People Buy Fitness Copy Everyday

By the time you were done taking a dump this morning a digital mountain of fitness content was paid for and published by your competitors. I myself personally have composed somewhere between 3-5,000 blogs and web articles within the fitness niche for hundreds of clients over the last few years.


So, let’s say you’ve taken the time to create and brand your own style of ultra-organic souped-up protein powder. You’ve got your site all set up, and you’re ready to set out on the great ecommerce (or drop-shipping) adventure. Now it’s time for copy…

  • When was the last time you studied people in supplement stores?
  • How close is your perception of buyers to the real thing? Do you know?
  • What does organic protein powder really mean to your ideal customers?
  • Think forward, and imagine why they choose yours over the gauntlet of other options at their disposal from around the globe.
  • What was the motivation, in that micro-second, that caused them to buy yours? To follow you or subscribe, or like, or share, or give a damn?
  • How much time, how many mind-crushing hours have you spent diving into online forums in the body-building and supplement niches?
  • How much time have you spent going through the thousands upon thousands of customer reviews and testimonials on major ecommerce platforms that sell protein powder like yours?
  • How much time have you roguishly browsed comments, discussions, and drama on social media sites within your niche?
  • How much protein powder have you used in your own life?

In the future we’re going to start creating powerhouse blogs composed of visual and in-depth case study-style information on clients, demonstrating why we believe we’re one of the best options on your plate when you need to buy fitness copy.

Anyhow, thanks for reading and we hope that you walk away with a bit more determination to get to know your true audience. And, if you’d like to put your money where our mouth is, order a Trial Article, or you have us completely overhaul the fitness copy on your site. Cheers!