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3 Secrets to Freakishly Viral Health and Fitness Articles That Make Your Audience Thirst for More!

Man, there’s something pretty spooky going on. Some sort of digital-telepathy “spirit in the machine” type shenanigans… Now, I’m 34 (hopelessly millennial according to the

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Buy Fitness Copy that Stunguns Your Audience into Submission!

Sheesh, it’s so friggin easy to lose sight of who your audience REALLY is. Good lord! The web just turned 25, passed 1 billion websites

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Buy Fitness Articles: Decide the Fate of Your Brand

You’re determined to help solve health problems, provide the marketplace with cleaner solutions, inform people about serious fitness related issues, provide exercise and diet answers

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5 “Oh Billy” Steps to Fitness Ebook Success

Hey, Damien Darby here. Just got back from the gym. Was a heavy functional trainer day with like 8 sets of barbell squats. Listen, and

Why Fitness Training Sites Need Tons of Content

Rumor has it that in order for a fitness-based website to relish in success, or any web page for that matter, there must be a

March 14, 2013 FWI Fitness Copywriting

Easy 3 Step Guide to Buying Fitness Content

Content is the All-Important and All-Powerful part of any Established Fitness Website! People constantly knock at the windows of the internet, demanding more content. It

March 50, 2013 FWI Fitness Copywriting
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