Do you know how to effectively hire fitness writers for your business and get a positive ROI every time?

Investing in Fitness Writers These Days Can Be Fast, Easy & Lucrative…

But, you have to choose your poison. Either you try your luck bouncing around between the major platforms like oDesk, Guru, Freelancer, Elance or Textbroker, or you choose one authoritative fitness source that’s laser-focused on your needs alone and save mountains of time and money.

3 Things Fitness Writers Need to Ensure You A Positive ROI

At the end of the day there are a few things online fitness writers need aside from a love for talking about resistance training, food intake, cooking, Pilates or losing weight etc. to ensure you get a positive ROI when you hire fitness writer.

  1. Marketing Experience: For a fitness writer to provide you with copy that will lead to higher traffic generation and increase conversion rate, they should have an idea of how to effectively market to your particular audience. Cheap freelancers on major platforms may claim to love fitness, but do they really understand how to market to fitness lovers?
  2. Business Experience: What if you could hire fitness writers with actual experience themselves running an online fitness company or brand? Wouldn’t that be the way to go? Writers with this type of knowledge are going to be able to speak to prospects and customers more effectively than a fabulous writer that’s never been on your side of the tracks.
  3. Engaging Copy: Many SEO fitness writers, or freelance writers in general, work on a volume basis not necessarily quality. The more they pump out the more they get paid. That’s what cheap outsourcing is. But, when positive ROI and better than average results are on the line, high-conversion fitness copy is written by…GOOD WRITERS. The kind that get paid more to write less so that everything is quality.

Many content marketers and online business owners these days are learning how to build mobile online teams through sites like oDesk. That’s definitely one way to go.

Through mass market freelance sites they grab this guy from Turkey and that girl from the Philippines and this guy from Taiwan…all in a race to the bottom to try and get great writing for the cheapest rate possible.

Hire Fitness Writers with The Value of Your Goals in Mind

  • FWI is owned and operated by two Americans with a collective 40 years in the fitness industry. Damien is a career fitness writer that’s composed marketing copy for hundreds of businesses. Small companies have watched as their yearly conversion rates increase by 5-10% from one interview with this guy. James has already made over $20 million dollars himself as a fitness writer (Google it!).
  • Along with FWI, which is a joint venture, both of them run their own companies. James is a professional trainer and success/business coach with a laundry list of certifications, and Damien helps his clients build successful online companies from the ground up for a living!

When it’s time to hire fitness writers, choose wisely and make smart investments because the quality of your content will determine the quality of your brand.