Welcome to the age of amateur education, independent thought leadership and entrepreneurial fitness business success!

This 3 Step Process is a Microcosm of What All the Heavy Hitters in the Online Fitness Industry Are Doing…

Here’s one easy example that shows you how to use the power of information products and good fitness web-content to increase your online fitness busniess by engaging the audience audience and increasing exposure!

Step #1) Professional & Recorded Interview

The goal would be to let you do most of the talking but to probe and dig and get to the really juicy content and expertise, your unique perspective. We would want to get down to the nitty-gritty, so you can monetize it. Here are some example questions we might ask:

  • Who are your ideal clients?
  • What exactly is your product?
  • What does your sales funnel look like?
  • What solutions are you offering to your audience?
  • What’s your history in fitness?
  • What’s your unique fitness ethos or approach?
  • What really sets you apart from the pack?
  • What exactly is your niche within fitness?

Step #2) Transcription Services for Your Fitness Copy

Then FWI could take that recorded content, transcribe it, clean it up, format it in a word document, and then create a bunch of different information products with it. These can become lucrative components of your sales funnel. Audience/empire building.

Step #3) Potential Fitness-Based Information Products

Once we have that raw content all written out and formatted, it’s time to start creating a strong sales funnel, or seriously reinforce the one you already have in place. Here are three options:

·         Training Modules: We could create PDF files that you can then offer to your traffic, audience, ideal clients, prospects etc. for free or for a fee. These are great for opt-ins. All they have to do is input their email address and this valuable information and training is theirs for no cost whatsoever. They can share these with whomever they want, and there are links inside that lead to all your other information products and your site. A digital sales funnel.

·         Kindle-Ready Ebooks: We could literally create a gauntlet of ebooks from this data. Well-written, precisely focused on ideal clients and Kindle-ready ebooks. These build authority, are great for SEO, expand your brand and have the potential to create rivers of inbound traffic.

·         SEO Blogs & Articles: Right off the bat we could take you’re content and create powerful and fully optimized blog posts and articles. These you can then drip onto your site over the next few months. They’re guaranteed to increase inbound traffic, conversions and activity.

That’s a pretty sweet deal and you don’t have to do any of the work! Well, you have to do some talking and answer a few good questions. How hard is it to talk about what you’re interested in? The other cool thing is that our clients get quality consultation in the process.

  • They getter a better idea on what niche they should focus on.
  • They get a deeper understanding of who their ideal clients and customers are.
  • They create a strong foundation for high-end information products and big ticket items.
  • They have a workable and integrated sales funnel.

Thanks for reading and do let us know if we can help your fitness business in any way under the sun!